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Some basic options for the tools of Database Workbench can be found in this panel.


The Tools Settings (click to expand)


SQL & Code Catalog

All these options are pretty self explanatory.


Describe Companion

Dock when opening

Automatically dock the Describe Companion to the right hand side of the main window.

Follow session focus

Automatically switch the session drop down box in the Describe Companion to the current session.

Add newline after every field dragged to the SQL/Script Editor

When dragging field names to the editor, make every field appear on a new line.

Sort items in list

Sort the items alphabetically instead of sorted by definition in the table, view or other database object.


Statement Recorder

Record DDL statements

Record metadata statements like CREATE TABLE etc... This includes statements issued by the Object Editors and allows you to create an "upgrade script".

Record DML statements

Record data statements (UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE). Note that any changed made via data-grids are NOT recorded.


For more information on the Session or Statement Recorder, see Session Recorder.