Editors - Grid Colors and Font

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When viewing data, the below settings apply.


Grid colors and font setting


The data browsing grids and grids in the Table Editor and View Editor use the Font size and colors in the settings above. The small grid is an example.


The following grid colors are available:

Color 1, Color 2

Alternating colors for grid rows, to distinguish between rows.

Selected Row Color, Selected Row Color Inactive

The row color for when a row is selected and once the control is inactive (no longer has focus), the color for it.

Current Cell Color

Active cell color.

Grid Lines Color

Color for the lines between the different cells.


The font size and color entered here, is the font size and color for all grids, especially for when you need a Unicode font to browse data. The rest of the application will scale its font according to the Windows settings.


When a data grid displays a "NULL"-value, as opposed to an empty character value, you can enter the colors and font style for that here. If it displays the default "<null>" or something else, can be modified on the Data Browsing page.