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You can edit numerous settings for Database Workbench via File | Preferences | General or another menu item from the Preferences sub menu.


This topic also explains the DSA Dialogs entry.


The Preferences Screen - general (click to expand)


The Preferences dialog consists of two parts, the treeview and the panels. By selecting a treenode, the right area will display a panel with settings.



None of your changes will be saved unless you use the OK button.



Show product logo

Shows the Database Workbench logo in the bottom right area of the main window

Application user

Enter your name and company, these values can be used in Object Templates

Open Windows grouping

In the Open Windows screen, group the windows in your preferred way

Expand 'Open Windows' tree

Keep the treeview expanded

Automatically open 'Open Windows' screen

Open the tool when starting Database Workbench

On taskbar, show object name first

Toggles between two ways of task bar buttons:


Taskbar with object name first


Taskbar with server and database name first


DSA Dialogs

Database Workbench has several "Don't Show Again"-dialogs (DSA dialogs), these are confirmation dialogs that will keep your choice for later and won't be shown again if you check the Don't show again checkbox.


Dialog when disconnecting from a database session


See for example the dialog above, when using Disconnect in a database session. If you want to reset your choice, you can go to this page in the Preferences. The different DSA dialogs are listed per category and a (somewhat cryptic) description. A checked box next to the name of the dialog means it's currently shown, an empty box means the dialog is not shown.