Building an ADO Connection String

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In some tools (eg: Data Pump or ADO/ODBC Explorer), you can create an ADO Connection String, this string holds the different options and database details for the ADO driver to connect to a datasource. You can only use 64 bit drivers.


Because every driver is different, the options are different as well. But, there are also common properties and whenever you can build a connection string, Database Workbench will show you a wizard to do it.


There are two ways to connect to an ADO datasource, by using a Microsoft Data Link File (.udl, more or less a previously created connection string saved to a file) or by building the string at that very moment.


The Connection String dialog


If you press Build, the following wizard is shown.


Connection String Wizard, select a Provider


At the first page, you have to select the type of data source and the provider (= driver) you will be using for the data. What is shown if you click Next depends on the driver and is different for each driver.


Below is a couple of examples for different drivers (click to expand).

Microsoft Jet Driver (eg: MS Access) Microsoft Oracle Driver Microsoft SQL Server Driver


If you are satisfied with your settings, click OK to accept the connection string and continue.