Conversion and Import Tools

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In order to get your started, Database Workbench comes with several tools to aid you in transferring (legacy) data and meta-data from existing data sources.


For example, the Schema Migrator supports ODBC, ADO and native connectivity (depending on your license) datasources and can generate a script and database objects into a supported native connectivity database. This way, you can easily convert (part of) a schema to a new database. Needless to say, you can also use this tool for easy multi-database development without needing to run scripts.


To import data, you can use the Data Import to import CSV formatted data from another (legacy) datasource or use the flexible Data Pump tool to transfer data from any ODBC, ADO and native connectivity datasource. You can even save these datapump transfer for later usage, or schedule them via the command line version of the Data Pump tool.


In addition to Migration and Import tools, Database Workbench Pro comes with an ADO/ODBC Explorer tool, that allows you to establish sessions to any ADO or ODBC datasource, explore its metadata and run queries.