Using the Enterprise Manager with Firebird

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From the Enterprise Manager, you have access to all functionality related to Firebird.


In the Servers treeview, expand the registered server. This will show the following treenodes:

An expanded Firebird server



This node lists all registered databases available for this Firebird server.


By using the context menu on a register database, you will get several additional options:


The Context Menu for a Database


For information on the functionality in this menu, see:

Backup Database
Database Properties
Database Statistics
Database Validation & Repair
Database Sweep
Shutdown Database
Restart Database



This node lists all backup projects that you can run and modify to create a backup of an existing database.



This node lists all restore projects that you can run and modify to restore a previously backed up database.



Double clicking this node will open the User Manager.


Server Log

Double clicking this node will retreive and show the server log file.