Register a Server

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Registering a database server makes it available for use in Database Workbench. After you have registered, you can connect to a database or schema and start using the numerous tools of Database Workbench.


In order to register a server, you click the Register Server button on the Server Manager.


Register Server


This will display the Register Server Wizard - like in the screen shot below.


Register Server Wizard


To register a server, you first need to select the server type - depending on your license, you may have one or more available server types - then click Next.


The second page of the Register Server Wizard displays a page that is different for each server type. Below is an example of the InterBase page in the wizard.


Registering an InterBase Server


Optionally, you can put the server in a user defined folder in the Server Manager tree view or drag it into a folder later on.


As you can see, there are several things to enter - more on registering different servers, here:

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