Code Templates

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Many source-code development tools include a concept that's called "Code Templates". Basically, these are shortcuts to often used commands.


Of course, Database Workbench supports these as well - by using CTRL+J in any code editor window (like the SQL Editor or in the Stored Procedure Editor) you will see a drop down list like in the screen shot below:


The Code Template drop down list


As you can see, each "code template" consist of a "full code" (like "grant delete") and an abbreviation. This abbreviation can be entered in the code editor as well, if you then press CTRL+J, the abbreviation will expand to the full code immediately, without showing the drop down list.


Any additional cursor positions can be "picked up" using ALT+END.


 expands to


As you can see, code templates can save you lots of time!


The code templates can be modified, deleted and created from the Code Template Editor in the Preferences.