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Besides the Objects in a LDM or Objects in a PDM, there are certain objects available in both models.




Documentation Link


A documentation link between entities. This does nothing with regard to a LDM or PDM, but is only a visual representation of a "relationship" or "link" for your convenience and explanation of the model.


A "background region" will allow you to "group" items inside it. This has two functions:

1.move objects by moving the region
2.visually group items in order to display them as a group instead of objects in one large diagram


A "comment box" allows you to place text in your diagram for documentation purposes.



Documentation Link

A "documenation link" is nothing but a dotted line between items. It does nothing at all but making things clear to the user that there is "some kind" of relationship between the items it links to.


You change it's caption, arrowheads and add captions for each end-point of the line by double clicking on it.

Documentation Link Properties, page Arrowheads


The General page has the name of the documentation link, which is also used as the main caption. The secondary captions will be displayed near the arrowheads of the link.


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You can create a region by clicking the Region tool and dragging a rectangle in the Editor Canvas. Any objects inside the rectangle will then belong to the "group" this region stands for.


In the top left corner of the region, there's a line of text that can be edited by clicking it (or double-clicking if the region isn't selected). If you click outside the region the changes are accepted or press the ESC button on your keyboard to cancel your changes.


You can select the region including all its objects by clicking the region border or the header. If you click anywhere else in the region, nothing will be selected. If the region is selected, moving it will also move the objects inside it.


You can delete a region and keep the objects it contains by using the context menu option Delete Region.


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The Comment Box tool can be used to place (multi line) text into a diagram in order to clarify things or write down comments to other users. For example, it can also be used to describe the meaning of a sub-diagram.


Doubleclick on a Comment Box to edit it contents, click outside the box to accept your changes or press the ESC button on your keyboard to cancel your changes.


It has no effect on the diagram itself or to generated physical diagrams or database scripts.


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