The Workspace

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The Workspace tab has two areas, the workspace tree and the todo-list.


Workspace project

Everything you do on this tab will create a "project" in the internal configuration database that will be linked to this particular database connection. After re-connecting, the items in the Workspace area will be available again.


A workspace project holds the to-do list, project catalog items, project notes, custom reports, SQL history etc.



Workspace tree

The Workspace tab allows you to create custom folders and lists with objects from the Navigator tab, to the right is an example screenshot of a Workspace in use.


You can use the toolbar buttons (or context menu) to create new folders.


You can drag these folders around so that they become nested or use the context menu on an existing folder and select Add Folder from the menu to add a child folder.


In the context menu, there's also the option Create Note, selecting this opens the Project Note Editor, allowing you to create a custom written note to clarify things, store reminders or other text.


If you use the Add Objects option, you will get the Select Database Objects dialog.


You can add the objects to a certain folder from the dialog, or drag them around afterwards. The order of items in a list will be preserved.

An example Workspace tab for a database


To-Do List

A the bottom of the Workspace tab, there's a "to-do list". Each Object Editor has a to-do list as well for object specific to-do items. This list shows the to-do list for the workspace project, or for the selected object.


For more information, see the topic on To-Do Items.


To-do list example