Name Templates

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Name templates come in very handy when you're creating new objects like triggers, constraints, auto-indices, SUID procedures and more.


By using these templates, you can create standard naming conventions, like Primary Key constraints that always start with PK_ - or referential constraints (foreign key constraints) like FK_TABLE1_TABLE2.


The Name Templates editor in the Preferences Screen


You can edit the name templates in the Name Template Editor in the Preferences screen.


If you create a Foreign Key Constraint in the Constraint Editor, the "%REFTAB%" part will stay in the name of the constraint until you selected the "referred" table from the available tables drop down box.


The "Auto ..." name templates are used in the Table Editor Field Specials dialog.


Replaceable parts in the Template Value entries:





Table name, replaced upon object creation



Referred table name, replaced upon selecting a referred table in the Constraint Editor



Short table name, replaced upon object creation. The first n characters are copied from the table name (see the dialog)



Field name, replaced upon object creation, valid for the following templates:

Auto Index Field ASCending
Auto Index Field DESCending
Auto Upper Field


If %SHORTTAB% is used in the Foreign Key Constraint template, the %REFTAB% template value is also using the first n characters.