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Catalogs and Templates can be used to increase productivity - below is a short description of each item.


Object Templates

In order to increase productivity and standardization, Database Workbench can use templates for certain code-related objects. Think of:


Stored Procedures
Stored Functions


When creating a new object, the source code will contain the text as written in the Template Editor.


For more information, see the Object Templates chapter.


Name Templates

When creating new objects like constraints, triggers, SUID procedures, Database Workbench will use a template to try and generate the new object name. This helps you to select a unique name and keeps your names consistent across sessions.


For more information, see the Name Templates chapter.


Code Templates

In any code-editor, press ctrl+J to display the Code Templates drop down list. Or enter a character-combination, press ctrl+J and your combination will be expanded to a piece of code.


For more information, see the Code Templates page in the SQL/Code Editor Tools chapter .


Code & SQL Catalog

Both of these catalogs are handy little tools to archive code snippets or keep statements for later reference.


For more information, see the Code & SQL Catalog chapter.