Code & SQL Catalog

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The Code and SQL Catalog are easy to use places to store short pieces of code or SQL statements that you use often.


To make this even more easy, the SQL Catalog has a Run Item button - this button will execute the highlighted item in a new SQL Editor.


Items (snippets) can be arranged in groups by creating a group with the folder button, and editting an item and selecting the group from the group drop down box. Alternatively, simply drag the items to a group by using the mouse.


The SQL Catalog


Other editors have shortcuts to the SQL Catalog as well - for example, the SQL Editor has a button Create SQL Snippet - this will use the highlighted or all text in the SQL Editor window as a new SQL snippet and open up the Edit Catalog Item dialog.


Edit Catalog Item dialog


By using the Delete key when you have the Group drop down focused, you will delete the item from a group and move it to the root tree.


There are three types of catalogs:



The Personal catalog is stored on your local computer and is available always, the Project catalog is stored on your local computer, but is different for each connected database for which a workspace project is created automatically.


The Shared catalog, stored on a server, is available in the Server edition only and is shared by a group of developers.