Report Writer

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The Report Writer can be reached via the Report Manager or a Workspace Report.


Report Writer with an example report


The Report Writer has 3 tabs:


1.Report Data




Each of these will be explained below.


Report Data

When you create a new report, the Visual Query Builder will open, you can create a new query or paste a query from the SQL Editor into the bottom part of the Visual Query Builder.


Report Writer, tab Report Data


You can view the report query or modify it using the Visual Query Builder button on the right.



The Report tab has several sections. On the left you find the report outline and object properties, the top holds the toolbars with items you can add to the report and at the right you have the data items.


The center holds the report design itself.


Report Writer
Report Writer, click to expand


A report consists of 'report bands', there are several bands available:


Printed once, at the beginning of the report


Printed at top of each page, before data rows


Printed for each data row


Printed at the bottom of each page, after data rows


Printed once, at the end of the report


When you create a new report, the Header, Detail and Footer bands will be available by default. You can add the Title and Summary band using the Report Sections menu button or the Report menu.


Report Sections button


You can add labels, lines, graphics, page numbers, bar codes and tables to the bands of the report.


In addition to these report bands, you can create groups of data via the Report Sections menu button or the Report menu.


This will open the Groups Dialog.

Groups Dialog


Once a group has been created, a Group Header and Footer band will be added to the report. A group will put several 'detail bands' together under a group, eg, multiple addresses per customer.



The Preview tab shows the report with the data, here you can try-out your report and see if it shows the data how you like it. You can also use this tab to print the report.


Report Writer, tab Preview


The toolbar has several buttons related to zoom-factor and page-navigation. At the left there's a list of available pages, the large area on the right shows the actual report pages with your data.


By using the Print button, you can either send the report on a printer or create a file, like PDF, HTML, Excel or Word.


Print Report dialog