Editors - SQL/Script Editor

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For object editors that accept settings, you can use this panel to edit them.


Object Editor related Settings (click to expand)



Show "switch connection" box

Show the session selector drop down box, see the SQL Editor.

Default file encoding

The default text file encoding to use when saving SQL files to disk.


Empty line is statement separator

Whenever you leave an empty line between statements, the statement that has the cursor in it will be executed.


Reset "fetch all" setting when starting a new SQL Editor

Don't keep the "fetch all" setting between sessions.


Max lines for SQL History

The maximum number of SQL statement to keep around in the SQL history per SQL Editor.



Show Abort/Ignore dialog

Turn On/Off the error dialog - when turned Off, a script will fail if the Stop On Error option is selected in the Script Editor. Default: ON

Auto show Server Output

Controls the auto-opening of the Server Output window when running a script. Default: ON

Max lines for Script Output

The maximum number of lines to keep around in the Script Output control, a large number of lines can increase memory usage and decrease performance. Optionally, you can spool the output to a file as defined in the (Registration) Options.


Always support the INPUT directive

Accepts the use of INPUT 'filename'; to execute a nested script.


Always support the @filename directive

Accepts the use of @filename to execute a nested script