Formatting Properties

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You can show the Formatting Properties dialog for a diagram item by using the context menu and selecting Format from the popup menu. If you have multiple objects selected, you will modify the properties of each of these items.


Formatting Properties dialog, page Color


On the first page of the dialog, you can modify the background and outline colors for the object and optionally use a 3D look. As you can see in the screenshot, the default background color is plain white and the default outline color is black.


By using the More Colors button you can create your own custom colors.


Formatting Properties dialog, page Font


The second page holds the font properties. By selecting an item from the Font Item listbox, you can modify it's properties in the right hand side of the dialog.


The General item will allow setting the font, font size and modifying the color for all other items still having the same color.


The Name/Header item will change the color and style of the object name or header.


Attributes and Key Attributes allow you to set different colors and font styles for these two different types of attributes.


The default values are:










No special style

Key Attributes



You can also Copy and Paste the formatting properties from one object to another by using the context menu options Get Format and Apply Format.