Appendix B - File Extensions

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This is a list of file extensions used in Database Workbench, either by the application itself or standard file extensions for related tools.





Used in


Conceptual Data Model

Diagram Editor


Data Compare Project

Data Compare


Custom Report

Report Manager


Text File for SQL statements

See the .sql extension.


Text File for SQL statements

See the .sql extension.


Data Filter File

SQL Editor, Table Editor, View Editor, Materialized View Editor in the Filter Builder.


Database Backup Files

The default extension for an InterBase or Firebird database backup.


Grant Template

Grant Manager, holds a selection of privileges for database objects.


Text File for Server Log

InterBase or Firebird server log.


Physical Data Model

Diagram Editor


Data Pump Project

Data Pump


Stored Function File

Stored Function Editor


Stored Procedure File

Stored Procedure Editor


Text File for SQL statements

SQL Editor, Script Editor, Database Registration Options (Session Recorder) and various other windows where SQL files are used.


SQL Pages Files

SQL Editor, Script Editor, editor contents of multiple so-called SQL Pages.


Test Data Generator File

Test Data Generator


Trigger File

Trigger Editor


Text Files

In various windows, to store text-log files and other text files.