Stored Code Debugger

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Database Workbench comes with a powerful Stored Code Debugger tool. You can reach this tool by using the context menu in the Database Navigator on any Stored Procedure or Stored Function and selecting Debug Procedure or Debug Function. Alternatively, use the Debug buttons in the object editors.


Read the generic topic on the debugger first.



Sybase Anywhere uses a Java-based Stored Routine debugger interface and needs certain files at the client side to work properly, see the Sybase Anywhere Specific Preferences.


Parameters & Variables

In this window, you will see the current value of any parameters and variables used in the procedure. These values will be updated after each statement. The debugger will not pick up "variables" from the variable declaration section when you start a routine, but will automatically add local variables as soon as you go to the first line of the routine.


Testing procedure results

By using the SQL button on the toolbar, you can start an SQL Editor that uses the same transaction as the debugger. With this SQL Editor, you can test your procedure result (eg: INSERTs or DELETEs) before COMMITting or ROLLING back the transaction.