Attach Database/Detach Database

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By using the context menu on a selected MS SQL Server you can select Attach Database from the context menu - this opens the following dialog:


The Attach Database Dialog


You can select a datafile on the remove server by using the Browse for Datafile button. Database Workbench will display the filenames of the accompanying data and log files and the default database name. Make sure you specify the right database owner the use the OK button to attach the database.


By using the Detach Database from the context menu, you can easily detach a database, making it unavailable for use with that SQL Server instance. You will be given the choice to update database statistics prior to detaching the database - the databases "master", "model", "tempdb" and "msdb" cannot be detached.



When using SQL Server 7, there will not be a list of all files (log, additional files) and only single-file databases can be attached.