Memory Monitoring

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The Memory Monitor will display 7 areas with information about memory pools.



This functionality only works with InterBase, version 7 or higher.


The Memory Monitor screen


The following memory pools are available:


Compiled User Statements

Normal user queries and DML statement which have been compiled into executable requests.


Transaction Manager

Transaction pools allocate data structures having to do with a transaction such as savepoints and transaction bitmaps for concurrency control.


Cache Manager

Memory pool from which cache manager data structures are allocated. The major memory allocation is for the page buffers.


Compiled DDL

Internal request pools specifically having to do with data definition (DDL) operations.


Internal Compiled Metadata Statements

Registry of persistent internal requests. InterBase executes internal requests against system tables to maintain and load a database's metadata.


Metadata Structures

Permanent pool from which internal metadata structures are allocated.


Compiled Triggers

Trigger pool from which a trigger request is allocated.