Editors - Object Editors

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For object editors that accept settings, you can use this panel to edit them.


Object Editor related Settings



Secure object drop

By default use "secure drop" functionality on all drop object dialogs


Table Editor

Automatic Primary Key Constraint naming

The Table Editor will generate a name for the Primary Key Constraint according to the Name Templates.


Order data by Primary Key in Data grid

(Order descending)

When using the Data tab, execute a SELECT statement that has an ORDER BY <primary key columns> clause, optionally sort descending.


Show Table Objects metadata statements

When using the DDL tab, show the child objects (Indices, Constraints, Triggers) DDL as well.



Procedure Editor

Showing the domains makes it easier to create procedure input/output parameters - the datatype (and other details) will be copied.



If you change the domain, the parameter datatype of a procedure parameter that copies the datatype of the domain will not be changed.