Docking Tools

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Many tools inside Database Workbench can be docked to the sides and the bottom of the main screen and can be "pinned" and "unpinned".


There are multiple docking types -


1.Stacked docking

       Docked windows battle for the same space and are all visible. Dockable windows can be stacked in different forms - see the screenshot below.

The SQL Catalog and Code Catalog stack-docked


2.Tabbed Docking

       Docked windows are tabbed together, they all have the same space, but only one docked window is visible at a time. For an example, see the above screenshot - the SQL Catalog and Code Catalog are docked "tabbed".


The SQL Catalog and Code Catalog tab-docked


You can move (undock) the tools by clicking the grab-bar and moving the moves while keeping the mouse key down.


When a docking area has windows docked to it, a splitter will appear so that you can resize the area by using the mouse.



Alternatively, a tool can be "pinned" and "unpinned", by default, the tools are pinned, when you unpin a tool, it will be on a "float bar" on a side of the main screen and will move into view when you hover with your mouse over it.


Unpinned SQL Catalog, just scrolled into view