Database Statistics

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Firebird collects statistics about indices and tables - these statistics can help you to organize and tune your database by, for example, removing and adding indices.


To view these statistics, use Administration & Maintenance | Database Statistics from the context menu, or use the Database Statistics node in the Database Navigator.



Retrieving the statistics might take some time, especially on larger databases
This functionality only works with Firebird SuperServer


Database Workbench will show you the statistics in both textual form and an "analyzed" grid-form. The grid form pages are much easier to read and groups index statistics per table or lists all indices. It also allows sorting of the values, ascending/descending, by clicking on the headers of the grid columns.


Analyzed Statistics


You can save and load the statistics by using the Open From File and Save To File buttons. Loaded statistics (a plain text file) will be analyzed and available in grid-form after loading.