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The Enterprise Manager is the "heart" of Database Workbench. In order to work with Database Workbench, you first need to register a server in the Enterprise Manager. After registering, you will find many tools and options in context sensitive menus of the server.


The Enterprise Manager can be brought to the front by clicking the Show Enterprise Manager button on the toolbar.


The "Show Enterprise Manager" button


After registering several servers and arranging them in folders, it could look like the one below.

Enterprise Manager with several servers and databases


To work with a database/schema, you have to connect to it (establish a session) - this will open the Database Navigator - your source for working with database objects, viewing dependencies and much more.


Here are the steps to take:

1.Register a Server
2.Connect to a Database or Create a Database
3.Learn How to Use the Enterprise Manager
4.Learn How to Use the Database Navigator
5.Learn How to Use and Read About Other Tools


After completing these steps, you know how to work with Database Workbench! :-)