Stored Procedure & Function Debugger

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Supported for
InterBase, see InterBase Debugger
Firebird, see Firebird Debugger
Oracle, see Oracle Debugger
Sybase Anywhere, see Sybase Anywhere Debugger


Note: Read the database system specific topics for more detailed information on how the debugging process works.


Starting the Stored Procedure & Function Debugger

You can reach the debugger by using the Debug button in the editor toolbars, or by using the context menu in the Database Navigator.


Reaching the Stored Code Debugger


If the Stored Procedure or Stored Function has input parameters, the Edit Stored Procedure/Function Parameters dialog will be displayed.


Enter values for the parameters


The NULL columns signals a parameter to be NULL, while the Default columns tells the parameter to be the default, if it has a default assigned.


Click OK to continue to the debugger main window after editing the parameter values.


If there are no input parameters, the dialog will be skipped and we go straight to the debugger main window.


For more information on the debugging process, see Debugger Overview.