SQL/Parameter Insight

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Database Workbench has two "insight" tools, one is called SQL Insight and one is called Parameter Insight, both can help you with writing SQL statements.


Before the Insight tools can be useful, it needs to fetch metadata information, this can take a bit of time at the first use but should work almost instantly.


SQL Insight

The SQL Insight tool allows you to quickly write SQL statements by selecting items from the pop-up list.


Example call to a Stored Procedure



Example on an SQL JOIN


When writing SQL joins and when you have referential constraints in your database, SQL Insight will allow you to select the reference, the SQL Insight tool will automatically write the JOIN condition for you.


Additionally, SQL Insight can help you to select columns from tables in SELECT, WHERE, ORDER BY and other clauses.


The SQL Insight tool can be customized in the Preferences.


Parameter Insight

The Parameter Insight tool aids in writing calls to SQL-functions or user written Stored Procedures and Functions. It displays a pop-up hint with parameter names and data types.



Parameter Insight examples


In the case of multiple parameters, entering the parameter separator (usually a "," character), the current parameter you need to enter is displayed in a bold font style in the pop-up hint.


The Parameter Insight tool can be customized in the Preferences.