Data Import

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( Pro Edition )


The Data Import Wizard - Tools | Import Data - is an easy to use tool to import file data. To import data that can be accessed via ADO or ODBC, better use the Data Pump tool which has a lot more possibilities.


Current the following formats are supported for data import:





Database Workbench Export - multitable export format


Comma Seperated Values File


The first thing you need to do is select a source format and file.


The Data Import Wizard - file and format selection


The options you get when clicking the Next button are dependent on the format selected.


Database Workbench Export (DWX)

The DWX format will show you the tables in the file and let's you select which tables to import.


Comma Seperated Values (CSV)

The CSV format shows a dialog like below:


The Data Import Wizard - csv import options



Into Table

The table to import this data in.

Column Delimiter

The value divider in the data file.

Text Delimiter

The text delimiter.

First row is header

A visual setting for the data preview grid, signals the import to skip the first row.


The preview grid displays the data according to the settings used.


The grid is also used to select what columns to import and to link them to columns from the table selected in the Into table part. After you have selected your columns, click the Finish button to start the import.


See also: File and Folder Boxes