Database Object Search

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( Pro Edition )


By using "Search Database", Search | Find in Database (ctrl+alt+F) after having connected to a database, you can search your database objects for text or names.


Although searching might take some time, it's a powerful feature to search your database code.


For example, in Stored Procedures and Views, the source code can be searched for certain occurrences or a phrase.


Below is a sample result on a test database:

Database Object Search - sample results


The above picture lists several results, in view EIGENAANBOD, the term "artikel" is found on lines 11, 15, 17 and 18.


Double clicking the view name or one of the resulting items in the tree will open the object in an object editor.



Check or uncheck search options. The Don't Search Names checkbox tells Database Workbench not to search for "child" objects like view columns and object names.


Objects to Search

Check or uncheck what objects you want to search.