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Packages are modules that contain multiple Stored Functions and Stored Procedures that can run on the server - thus without the network traffic involved in pulling data to a client and processing it there.


The Package Editor offers the possibility to create, alter and drop these modules. If you add or drop a package, the Packages node in the Database Navigator tree-view will display the change as well by adding or deleting the procedure from the list.


Below is an example of the Oracle Package Editor:

The Oracle Package Editor


The "{..}" button will turn the current line or text selection in the source editor box into a comment, or remove the comment from the current line.


At the bottom of the edit window, there's two tabs: Header and Body. If your package has both, you can use these to switch between them.


The Package Editor provides a Syntax Check by using the syntax check button in the toolbar, the bottom area of the Package Editor will display any errors and message.


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