MySQL Related Help

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In this part of the Database Workbench help you will find all MySQL specific items. This includes screenshots, specialized editors and settings and the meaning of general settings for MySQL related tasks.


Quick links:

Registering a MySQL Server
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Using the Enterprise Manager with MySQL
Using the Database Navigator with MySQL



MySQL is a bit different from the other available database engines in Database Workbench, the following limitations apply:



MySQL doesn't support transactions, except for certain table types (InnoDB, Berkeley DB, Falcon). Changes will be autocommitted unless you start a transaction yourself.


Because of this, you need to explicitly start a transaction in the SQL Editor or Table Editor (Data tab) if you want to preserve current data or run an UPDATE or DELETE statement if you want to make sure you can rollback. The transaction itself only has effect on those table types that supports transactions.



Currently, only the InnoDB table type supports Foreign Key constraints. All other table types only support Primary Key constraints.
Naming constraints isn't supported for any constraint type.