Login Management

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The Login Manager is an easy to use tool. Simply double click the Login Manager node in the Enterprise Manager and the Login Manager will open.


The Login Manager


Selecting a login and using the Edit Login button will open the Login Properties dialog.


The Login Properties Dialog


If you create a new login, this dialog will appear as well - but empty of course.


Once you have created a login, you can't change every option available - for the meaning of the different options, please check the MS SQL Server documenation.


The Server Roles tab let's you add/delete the login from a fixed server role.


Login Properties - Server Roles


By checking or unchecking the server role name at the left part of the screen, you'll add or remove a login to or from that role. At the right, there's a list of actions that the role member can perform. The bottom part of the screen holds a quick description for the role, these descriptions come from MS SQL Server itself and cannot be changed.


Exitting this dialog by using the OK button will save the login information.