InterBase Specific Preferences

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Below is explanation of the InterBase specific preferences available in Database Workbench:




Default Dialect

The default database dialect to use when creating or registering InterBase databases. See the InterBase documentation for more information on database dialects. Dialect "3" is the standard dialect to use for future features and enhancements.


Use a connection per SQL/Script Editor

When starting an SQL/Script Editor, Database Workbench will clone the connection, resulting in a multi-threaded SQL Editor. If this is "OFF", the SQL Editor will use the same connection as all editors in Database Workbench, meaning that you have to wait for statement to be finished before being able to execute another statement.



"local" protocol connections cannot be cloned and using these will result in a single-threaded version of Database Workbench.
because multiple connections can be opened, you cannot create FKs via the SQL/Script Editor if this option is turned ON