Object Template Editor

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In the Object Template Editor, you can modify the template text used for:


Stored Procedures
Stored Functions
Auto-Inc Triggers (InterBase & Firebird)


You can, for example for your own development station, put your name in the code by default. Or get the code to be structured according to in-house development-rules. For more information, see Object Templates.


The Object Templates editor


Use the Use Object Templates to turn On/Off the use of the templates and the drop down box to select the template to edit. Depending on your license, you may have different selections here.


As can be seen in the screen shot, the templates support certain literals ( %D, %B, %U, %TAB% ) that, at run time, will be replaced with their values. The %USER% and %COMPANY% are taken from the Preferences | General page. This can be useful if you use a template folder on a network drive (shared), but still want to insert personal items like your own name.


Note: if the default template contains the text " <name_will_be_replaced> ", you have to keep this intact!