Editors - SQL Insight

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In each Code Editor, there's SQL & Parameter Insight, you can edit the settings here.


SQL & Parameter Insight Settings


SQL Insight

Use SQL Insight in code editors

(No automatic SQL Insight in the Script Editor)

Check this to turn ON the use of SQL Insight, optionally turn OFF the SQL Insight in the Script Editor.


Include system tables and/or views

Include system objects in the list of available tables and views.


Disable timer, force only

Disable automatic pop-up of the SQL Insight list, the user has to force it using the keyboard.



Adjust the delay for the automatic pop-up.


Parameter Insight

Use Parameter Insight in code editors

(SQL Functions only)

Check this to turn ON the use of Parameter Insight, optionally use SQL functions only and avoid fetching metadata information for Stored Procedures and Stored Functions.