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Controls settings related to options for editing, but not related to Syntax Highlighting.


Code Editor Settings



Block indent

The number of spaces the block indentation will use.



When using auto-indent, the editor will automatically indent according to the previous line.


Tab stops

When using the Tab-key, these are the horizontal positions where it will stop.


Smart tab

When checked, don't just stop at the above tab stops, but also at the beginning of words at the previous line.


Key behaviour

With this option checked, the Home key will toggle between "at the first character of a line" or the complete line start.


AutoClose & AutoEnclose

The AutoClose and AutoEnclose feature allows you to quickly enter pairs of parenthesis, brackets or enclose selected text in quotes.


If you use the AutoClose feature, each first character will be closed by a second (eg: [ will become []).


If you use the AutoEnclose feature, when selecting a piece of text, using the first character of a pair will automatically add the closing character.