Docking Tools

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Many tools inside Database Workbench can be docked to the sides and the bottom of the main screen.


There are multiple docking types -


1.Stacked docking

       Docked windows battle for the same space and are all visible. Dockable windows can be stacked in different forms - see the screenshot below.


The Describe Companion, Open Windows and both the Catalogs docked


2.Tabbed Docking

       Docked windows are tabbed together, they all have the same space, but only one docked window is visible at a time. For an example, see the above screenshot - the SQL Catalog and Code Catalog are docked "tabbed".


You can move (undock) the tools by clicking the grab-bar and moving the moves while keeping the mouse key down.


The Enterprise Manager and Database Navigator both have a context menu item that toggles the "dockable" state - either they can be made dockable and floating, or they are "child forms", like the Object Editors. By default, these are dockable and will be docked upon starting the application and connecting to a database. This can be changed in the Preferences.


When a docking area has windows docked to it, a splitter will appear so that you can resize the area by using the mouse.