Database Registration Options

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For each database available on a server, Database Workbench can store several options that will be useful to Database Workbench only. The options can be reached by using the context popup menu on a database or connection template and selecting Registration Options or Options.


The context menu


Below is the first page of these options - with a description of each option.


General Options


Font Characterset

The characterset Database Workbench will be using when display data from tables and views.

Uppercase Identifiers

Automatically uses uppercase identifier names when creating database objects. Applies to object editors only, not to user written script. For some database engines, this is an easy way to avoid delimited identifiers.

Preload Database Objects

Instructs Database Workbench to load database objects after connecting, normally there's a "lazy loading" scheme in effect.


Log Files Options


Include data & time

Includes a timestamp in the output of the log files.

Log metadata changes

Automatically start logging metadata changes after connecting.


The logfilename to append the changes to.


For more information on the Database Workbench logfiles, see Session Recorder.