SQL Insight

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SQL Insight, sometimes called "code completion" or "intellisense" is a powerful tool to help you creating your SQL statements.


When entering SQL, it will suggest table/view names, column names and even JOIN conditions at the appropriate place in the SQL statement.


If the database engine you're using supports multiple schemas in your connection, you can enter the schema name first to get only objects from that schema.

A popup with suggestions for tables and views in the Purchasing schema


If the popup is visible, you can enter characters to drill down. Here's another screenshot:


The "drill-down" in action


There's more power at your hands when writing JOIN statements. Take the below example:


"Join-completion" - the popup shows the possible JOIN combinations by displaying the foreign key constraints


Using the "enter" key will select the foreign key and complete the JOIN statement.


As you can see in these example screenshots, the tables are aliassed. You can use this alias in your SQL statement and the SQL Insight will recognize it.


An aliassed table name works just as well


This SQL Insight functionality is available in all SQL-based code editors like the SQL Editor, Trigger Editor, Stored Procedure Editor and others.


If you don't like to have it pop up automatically, you can turn this behaviour OFF in the Editors - General section of the Preferences. You can always force it to popup by using the cltr+space shortcut.


Another editor feature that might help you to avoid typing code is the Code Template feature.