Using The Command Line Version

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The command-line executable (dbw_tdg.exe) is controlled by "switches".


The following parts are useful:

Command-line help
Testing the connections
Specifying connection parameters
Running the data generation process


Command-line help

The following commands show the command-line help:


dbw3_tdg -?

dbw3_tdg -h


And will output something similiar to this:


Command Line TestDataGenerator  v1.1

(c) 2002-2004 by Upscene Productions


    Database  Workbench v2.5.0

(c) 2000-2004 by Upscene Productions


Checking parameters...

No command switch found.

Usage: dbw3_tdg {-?|-h} | { {-r|-t} {-dbt|-dbtype dbtype} {-data|-

database database-spec} {-u|-user user-name} {-p|-password password}

[options] {-input file-name-spec} }


Testing the connections

You can test the connection from the command line by using the "-t" command. Please note that you should include the full connectionparameters for the database.


For example, you can run the following command to check a connection:


dbw3_tdg -t -dbt IB -data seal:e:\data\serp.gdb -u sysdba -p masterkey -v


Running the above command will result in output similar to:


Checking parameters...

Testing connection ("-t" switch):

Attemping to connect to database (seal:e:\data\serp.gdb)...

Connect and disconnect succeeded!


In order to get this output, the "-v" (verbose) switch was added.


Specifying connection parameters

To specify connection parameters, use the following switches:






Database connectivity type, valid values:

IB - Borland InterBase

FB - Firebird

MSSQL - Microsoft SQL Server


ORCL - Oracle Database



Database connect string, for InterBase or Firebird, use the full connection string, example:









Running the data generation process

Doing the actual data-generation can be done by specifying the "-r" switch and valid connection parameters (see above).


For example, this will start the test data generator:


dbw3_tdg -r -dbt IB -data seal:e:\data\serp.gdb -u sysdba -p masterkey

-input c:\temp\tdg1000.tdg


You need the "-input filename" switch to include details on how to generate the test-data.


The following options are available:






Shows output to the screen.

-o logfile

-output logfile

Logs output to logfile - you can use this to check for errors.



Without the "-v" switch, there's very little output to the screen.