Create/Modify a Data Generator Project

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Once you have register a database (datasource), you can start creating a Data Generator Project.


Via the New Project button on the project toolbar, the project dialog will be opened. Use the Edit Project or a double click on the project to edit an existing project.


The Data Generator Project dialog opens on the Project Settings tab for a new project or the Data Settings for an existing project.


The dialog has two tabs:

Project Settings
Data Settings



With the toolbar on the top of the dialog, you can export or import project settings to or from a file. This can be useful if you're exchanging projects with other users, send the projects by e-mail or modify an existing project.


Loading a project will re-arrange the tables "to fill" in the order specified in the project and restore the table and column settings you have saved. Tables that no longer exist in the database are silently ignored.


Closing the dialog will allow you to save the changes, or cancel them.