Macro Editor

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The Macro Editor can be started by clicking the "..." button in the edit box for the macro value. You can also start a group and branch, this is a powerful way to use multiple macros or parts of macros.


Macro edit box


The Macro Editor will parse your current command string into separate commands and shows available macro commands.


Macro Editor Dialog


The left part of the window lists the available commands, the right part the commands in your macro. Double click a command on the left to add it to your macro. Drag and drop or use the up/down arrows to change the order of the commands.


Select an item on the right and edit the command options. Not all commands have options. When you add a 'group' command, a branch will be added automatically and new commands can be dragged onto that branch.


Use OK to accept your changes to the macro or Cancel to ignore the changes you've made.


For an explanation of the available commands, see the macro commands topic.