Register an InterBase Database

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When using the InterBase Edition of the Advanced Data Generator, you will see a screen as in the below screenshot when registering a database.


Registering an InterBase database



Alias refers to the name that will be displayed for the database in the application and username and password are your authentication details.


The characterset drop down box lists the available charactersets available in InterBase.


Connect string is the text that the InterBVase client software uses to connect to your remote or local server. Depending on how this string is created, different network protocols will be used.


The connect string is created by using a server name or IP-address, a colon and the full path to the database as seen on the server.



UPSCENE_SRVR:c:\data\interbase\test_database.ib        (Windows)

UPSCENE_SRVR:/usr/data/interbase/test_database.ib        (Linux)


For other network protocols, check the InterBase documentation


If you have multiple instances of InterBase running on your server, you should specify the instance name just after the server name:




You can specify which InterBase client library to use. Please note that a 32 bit library is required.