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Master-detail data

Valid for: text / number / integer / GUID

Select: Referential Link | select master table and column

Generates a 0 to many relationship.


Master-detail, also called Parent-child relationships, often come in the form of a simple referential link. Examples include "order with order details", "invoice with invoice lines" etc.


When you use the Referential Link option, the Advanced Data Generator will take a random entry from the master table and use it as the value. This will result in zero or more rows of "detail data" for each master record.


If you want more control over how much detail rows per master row will be generated, take a look at the "For each in..."-method of generating data. An example is explained in the Order & order-lines how-to.


If you want to make sure this is a 1-on-1 relationship instead of 0-to-many relationship, use Lookups or "For each in..."-method of generating data.


Multi-column referential link

Valid for: text / number / integer / GUID


To generate a multi-column referential link, you need to pick two or more values from the same "master" record for each "detail" record.


You do this by creating a lookup for this item and selecting Value from lookup and the required lookup and lookup-column. The lookup itself will have a single pointer to a certain master record and when multiple values for your multi-column referential link are selected, they will correspond to the same record of the master table.