Run a Data Generator Project
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Selecting a project from the Project List and using the green Run Project button opens the Run Project dialog. The Advanced Data Generator also supports running multiple projects, one after another, if you select multiple items from the list.

You can also run a project from the command line, without (confirmation) dialogs.

The Run Project dialog, just after using the Run Project button

The dialog is divided in two parts, the Relations To Fill part (on the left) and Current Relation part (on the right) and a toolbar.

The Advanced Data Generator will ask you if you really want to run the project, if you click No or Cancel, the dialog will not be closed and you can start the project by using the green Run button in the dialog.

Once started, the Run button becomes unavailable and the red Cancel Process button is enabled. You can cancel the data generation process at any time via the Cancel Process button. Any un-committed transaction will be committed when you do this.

At the left, you can see the tables in this project and the order they're in. Each of these tables will be filled and the details for the current table are being displayed on the right. Once a table has been finished, a check mark is drawn next to it.

The large memo control is the quick log and displays the progress as text messages and any errors that occur. After the process has finished, you can optionally save the log into the Advanced Data Generator database via the Save Log to Database button. A detailed explanation about projects log is available in the chapter Project Logs.

A cancelled process

In the screenshot above, you can see the table "Attachment" being finished and the current table was "Workitem". Several errors have occurred, these should be available in the logs after closing the dialog.

Running a Project from the Command Line
To run a project from the command line, start the Advanced Data Generator with the
-r switch and a project ID, like this:

adg.exe -r 39

The above command will start the Advanced Data Generator and run project 39. Projects IDs are visible on the project list.

To start multiple projects from the command line, separate multiple project IDs by a comma, no spaces, like this:

adg.exe -r 39,40,52

An optional switch of
-s will shut down the Advanced Data Generator after the project has finished.

During the run, the user interface is visible and will show the progress and log.