Project Logs
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The Project Logs allow you to re-view a log after running a Data Generator Project. The log is stored in the Advanced Data Generator database and not in the database you've used to generate the data.

The project logs can be found at the Databases section of the Advanced Data Generator.

The Project Logs window

On the top of the window, there's a list of all registered databases. If a log exists for a database, it is being displayed in the tree. Once a log is selected from the tree, the lower part of the window will display all log entries, sorted by "Timestamp" by default.

There are 3 types of messages:

Informational messages



If you select a log entry from the lower part of the window, the full message appears in the memo at the bottom of the window. If a log entry is associated with filling a particular table, it's shown in the column Relation.

Logs can be deleted by using the Delete Log button on the toolbar. If you delete a database registration, any logs for that database will be deleted as well.