Project List
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The bottom part of the Database List window holds the list of Data Generator Projects created for the selected database.

The Data Generator Projects list

The list has all projects created for the selected database and a toolbar (1) area. From left to right, the following buttons are available on the toolbar:
1.Create New Project  
2.Edit Project  
3.Delete Project  
4.Run Project  
5.Copy Project  

Creating and editing a project is explained in the chapter Create/Modify a Data Generator Project.

Running a project is explained in Run a Data Generator Project.

Delete Project
You can delete an existing project by selecting it and using the Delete Project button or the context menu. Deleting a project will delete any preset dependency links, so that any presets in use by the project can be deleted without the dependency warning.

A deleted project cannot be retrieved.

Copy Project
You can create a copy of an existing project by selecting it from the list and using the Copy Project button. This will allow you to enter a new name and description for the project, ready for editting.