Data Generator Project - Lookups
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With a "Lookup", you can use a multi-column referential constraint or external CSV files as a datasource.

Internally, the Advanced Data Generator will fetch rows from these datasources and allow you to select values from. Each row is divided into columns (CSV columns or Table columns) that you can use to get data values into your new data.

For example, you can use the Lookups feature for:
·multi-column referential constraints  
·"importing" CSV data  

Multi-column Referential Constraints/Links
By defining a "Lookup", you can use a table as the parent for a multi-column referential link. Unlike single column links, the "row pointer" for each new datarow into the "child" table will be determined by the first new value taken from the lookup. Additional fetches for the same row of detail data will be taken from the same "parent" row, thus creating a valid multi-column referential link.

Importing CSV data
A typical example would be creating a "States" table, that includes StateCode and StateName as text. By using a "Lookup" and "select-mode" of "sequential", you can easily import this CSV data into a database table.