Import & Export of Presets
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If you want to copy preset-definitions between different PCs, you need to export and import them. You can do this via Presets | Import Presets or Presets | Export Presets in the main menu. Alternatively, select Presets from the left part of the screen and use one of the buttons available.

Exporting Presets
After select Export Presets from the menu, the following dialog will appear.

The Export Presets dialog

You can expand the tree view and select the presets you want to export to a file. Using the Export button will open a Save As file save dialog where you can enter a filename with a ".pre" file extension.

Importing Presets
Using the Import Presets option will open a file open dialog so you can select your preset file. After selecting a file, the Advanced Data Generator will scan the file and list the presets that can be imported.

Select Presets to Import dialog

In this dialog, there's a list of available presets, grouped per datatype. Check the presets you want to import and use the Import button.

If a preset with the same name already exists, the preset will not be imported and an error dialog will be shown like the one in the screenshot below.

Preset Import error dialog