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"Advanced Data Generator 2" is a powerful tool to generate so-called "test data" in the databases for your applications. It includes a library of real-life-like data and has several features that make the test data as real as possible.

You can connect to any ODBC or ADO datasource, making the Advanced Data Generator a very generic tool for all database engines. In addition to that, the Advanced Data Generator has 3 database system specific editions that support connecting to those database systems only. In total, the editions available are:
·Pro - for ADO and ODBC connectivity  
·InterBase - connects to InterBase only  
·Firebird - connects to Firebird only  
·MySQL - connects to MySQL only  

The Advanced Data Generator supports so-called "Presets". Custom created "short cuts", if you like, to special data filler settings. It also includes a library of data with, but not limited to:
·male first names  
·female first names  
·business names  
·US state codes  
·city names  

Filler items supported
The Advanced Data Generator can generate data directly into your database by using:
·Stored Procedures  
·Custom SQL statements (INSERT INTO ...)  

In addition to generating into a database, it can also generate to:
·SQL Scripts  
·CSV Files  
·XML DataPacket Files  
·YAML Files (experimental)  

Datatypes supported
The Advanced Data Generator supports generating data for the following datatypes:
·Integer (tiny, small, large)  
·Float (or Numeric/Decimal)  
·Char and VarChar (including NChar/NVarChar)  
·BLOB/CLOB or similar  

Completely new to the Advanced Data Generator?
Read the Getting Started section for a quick introduction!