This new release of Database Workbench brings new features and enhancements, as requested by our users.

Version 4.3.1 fixes 3 issues with MySQL support, not being able to connect to MySQL 4.x was introduced in the previous release.

The free Lite Editions will be released later.

More information about Database Workbench is available at the Database Workbench page, download your copy today via our downloads page, pricing information is available.

Changes in this release

The full details and list of changes in 4.3.1 is available here.

The full details and list of changes in 4.3.0 is available here.


  • MySQL Stored Procedure, Function and Trigger Debugging
  • Incremental search of data in SQL, Table and View Editor


  • More compact taskbar
  • MySQL support for BINARY and VARBINARY datatypes
  • MySQL error fixed when not having access to mysql.procs
  • Oracle TNS Names detected via ORCALE_HOME location instead of only Windows Registry
  • Oracle Debugger fixes
  • Data Import and Export fixes
  • Windows 7 event log error by SideBySide fixed
  • NexusDB error when testing Stored Functions
And much more...